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About us

AJJ Medtech Holdings Limited, SGX: 584, formerly OEL (Holdings) Limited, is at the forefront in the healthcare technologies, providing integrated medtech solutions across Singapore and Southeast Asia. We deliver a comprehensive product ecosystem that improves healthcare affordability, efficiency and effectiveness along the patient care pathway, thereby improving the experience for patients and healthcare practitioners.

Our New Ambition

Our core business, has gained significant market presence and recognition in the healthcare sector, supported by a strong foundation and relentless expansion over the past three years. We have developed AJJ into a brand that represents prospects, capability, and service excellence. Furthermore, we have transformed from a simple consumables supplier to a provider of comprehensive turn-key supply chain solutions, and a provider of digital, AI, and robotics solutions for our partners and customers.


Changing our name now is a strategic move to accurately reflect our true capabilities and service excellence in key MedTech areas. The change will also clearly communicate our vision, strategic directives, and the values we aim to bring to our shareholders, customers, and partners.

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Our Strategies

Our Corporate Ethos









Our Compliance Program

Led by AJJ Medtech's company ethos of "Fairness, Transparency, Professionalism, Integrity", we have earned the trust of our customers, shareholders, communities, and regulators by demonstrating the highest level of integrity.

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Our Leadership

AJJ Medtech's leadership exemplifies a diverse amalgamation of strategic insight, innovative drive, and extensive industry experience. Spearheaded by professionals with backgrounds ranging from strategic consultancy and financial management to healthcare industry expertise and legal governance, the team is strategically positioned to navigate the complexities of the Medtech sector.

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