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AJJ Medtech Holdings Limited, SGX: 584, is a leading medical technology integrated solutions provider based in Singapore, dedicated to advancing healthcare through innovation. We are committed to deliver a comprehensive medical ecosystem to enhance healthcare effectiveness and efficiencies, thereby improving the experiences of both patients and healthcare practitioners in Singapore.

With strategic business segments in medical technology, Ultrasound, In-vitro Diagnostics (IVD), and Dental, we align ourselves with the Healthier Singapore initiatives and are well-positioned to address key challenges in Singapore's healthcare system.

We are a Singapore company, building a Singapore brand with MedTech Integrated solutions customized for Singapore. We focus on integrated diagnostics and clinical support using digital, artificial intelligence, and robotics to improve healthcare efficiencies and effectiveness.

We also offer turn-key supply chain solutions with industry-leading partners to provide supply-chain resilience, quality, value, and choices to Singapore healthcare, addressing global challenges and demographic shifts.

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