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Canary Wharf London



(Wholly-owned subsidiary of OEL)


Corporate Culture:

Fairness, Transparency, Professional, Integrity



Adhering to the highest level of medical ethics, delivering cutting-edge medical technology



Dedication, devotion and service to humanity

On 18 February 2020, AJJ Medtech (previously OEL (Holdings) Limited) restructured its wholly-owned subsidiary, AJJ Healthcare Management Pte. Ltd. In April 2020, the Group sought shareholders' approval  to diversify into the high tech healthcare sector.


AJJ then acquired a 51%-stake in Shanghai Longjian Hospital Management Co. Ltd. Shanghai Longjian is a healthcare organization engaged in medical investment consulting and health service management. 



Leveraging on Shanghai Longjian's medical expertise and its network in China, OEL is committed to bringing in the HIFU technology - a well-researched and proven technology that is able to treat tumours and certain cancers. HIFU, or High Intensity Focused Ultrasound, is the latest non-invasive technology for tumour and cancer treatment by using focused ultrasound. It is recognized globally in the US and other major European countries where incidences of cancer are high. HIFU treatment for prostate cancer gained traction due to the high success rate but it has been used to treat bone, brain, breast, liver, pancreas, kidney and rectum cancers.



Our joint-venture partners manufacture the HIFU-2001 and HIFUNIT 9000, which are now the leading global HIFU technology with its multi-dimensional imaging capability that allows for surgical precision backed by proven track and safety records.


On 4 October 2020, AJJ incorporated a JV Company (HIFU Suntec) with China-based Shanghai Suntec to manufacture HIFU tumour and cancer treatment machine in Singapore. At the same time, AJJ reached an important milestone by receiving the SS 620:2016 GDPMDS (Good Distribution Practice for Medical Devices) Certifcate, which certifies that AJJ has met the HSA's (Health Sciences Authority) requirements to ensure the safety, quality and performance of medical devices that it is dealing in. This certification allows AJJ to be engaged in the import, storage, distribution (including transportation), installation and servicing (including repair and maintenance) of electro mechanical devices, hospital hardware, diagnostic and therapeutic radiation devices, single-use devices, medical software and reusable devices.

AJJ is pleased to announce that on 2 August 2021, we have successfully obtained ISO 13485:2016 & EN ISO 13485:2016 (“ISO 13485:2016") certification, which certifies that AJJ has complied with the applicable international standards for the design, development, manufacture, distribution, installation and servicing of High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (“HIFU”) tumour therapeutic systems.

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