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(Wholly-owned subsidiary of OEL)



All for Children



Responsible for the physical health of each child

Responsible for the psychological health of each child

Responsible for the behavioural health of each child

The Group had on 4 March 2020 established a wholly-owned subsidiary ESO Health Child Care Pte Ltd (EHCC). Under the leadership of CEO Zhao Xin and the Board of Directors, a shareholders' meeting was convened on 1 April 2020 where the diversification of the group's core business to include Childcare Wellness Education was approved.


We successfully acquired the first preschool centre in Singapore by taking into our fold Discovery Kidz Preschool on 1 March 2020. 


We have developed a "Mission" and "Vision" for our preschool that will focus on promoting the mental, physical and behavioural wellbeing of our children.


Starting from 1 September 2020, our preschool will now operate under the brand name “ESŌ, which will better reflect our enhanced curriculum.


We are also collaborating with two early childhood education experts and one early childhood education partner to help our students develop social and emotional skills.


Professor Susanne Ayers Denham is an Emeritus Faculty of George Mason University who has written more than 450 journal pieces to date and has been editor of the journal of Early Education and Development since 2003. Professor Denham will be the Senior Advisor of our Textbook Editorial Committee and will review and write the prefaces for each textbook of social and emotional development of each student in our preschool. More importantly, Professor Denham will lead in making correction plans for our students on an annual basis.



Ms Yang Meifang is a renowned food science and nutrition expert who will design the food menu for our preschool with nutrition in mind.



We have also formed a partnership with Yale New Haven Hospital Day Care Centre led by Dr. Lynn Wiener. She is a 30-year industry veteran and is the Director of the Department of Early Childhood Education at Yale New Haven Hospital, which is the primary teaching hospital for Yale School of Medicine and Yale School of Nursing.The childcare centres managed by Dr. Wiener meet connecticut standards and that of the National Association for the Education of Young Children in the United States. She will share with our preschool the monitoring tools that help evaluate a child's social emotional skills.

On 15 November 2021, ESO under OEL (Holdings) Limited has officially launched a societal-benefiting textbook which promotes social-emotional development in toddlers (age 1.5-3 years old). It is the first out of four series for age 1.5-6 years old, and is based on theories by Dr. Gail E. Joseph “Enhancing Emotional Vocabulary in Young Children”, and the Head Start Early Learning Outcome Framework from U.S. Department of Health and Human Science. This textbook is versatile as parents can also use this book at home to enhance what the child learns in the preschool. Link to book:

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Discovery Kidz Preschool

13 Bedok Ria Place, Singapore 489773

Nearest MRT – Tanah Merah

By Bus - 45, 10, 14

Tel: 6448 7687 / 8382 0806 (mobile)


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